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Italian media talks about the reason why prosecutors are investigating illegal sports betting platforms: the system facilitates money laundering and eats up customers with debt

The Italian media “La Repubblica” has followed up on the recent Italian football gambling scandal and disclosed the illegal gambling platforms involved.

According to reports, the main reason why Italian prosecutors have launched such a vigorous investigation this time is that this illegal gambling platform is extremely harmful. From a national level, this kind of platform will promote money laundering in the long term due to anonymous betting and no spending restrictions, leading to capital outflows and going against foreign exchange controls. On an individual level, gambling customers will be consumed with debt, thereby gradually “destroying” the individual,

This kind of gambling platform can easily make customers “addicted”. Fagioli once gambled more than one million euros in a short period of time, and introduced his friends Tonali, Zaniolo and others to use illegal gambling platforms, turning “betting on football” into “Poison ball”.

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