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Team News: Messi’s jersey sold more in the United States than Brady James, with ticket revenue exceeding 250 million for the American Professional League

French media “L’Equipe” published an article discussing Messi’s record breaking income for the American league and its partners after joining the American League’s Miami International in July.

Miami International and Messi have signed a 2 and a half year contract worth 125 million euros. The player scored 11 goals and provided 5 assists in 13 games after joining the team, helping the club overcome the bottom spot, although this was not enough to advance them to the playoffs.

L’Equipe reported that in the past three months, the ticket prices of Miami International’s home DRV PNK Stadium have increased by 500%, reaching an average of 750 euros. Due to the high demand, the club has had to build new stands, with a capacity of 22000 people increasing from 19000.

At the end of July, the first batch of jerseys with Messi’s name on them went on sale, priced at 175 euros per piece and selling well. Although there were no publicly available data, according to sales website Fanatics in August, Messi’s players ranked first in sales in the United States, surpassing NFL superstar Brady and NBA star LeBron James.

According to reports, the price of season tickets in Miami next season will increase from 3400 euros this season to 7300 euros, an increase of 115%, while demand has increased by 1215%. The most expensive side box at home costs 44000 euros, allowing players to enjoy Messi’s football up close.

Miami International’s business director Xavier Ascensi stated that the club is expected to quadruple its sales in 2024, increase its financial base by at least 200 million euros, and achieve a team value of 1.2-15 billion euros by 2024.

Messi also attracted a large audience in away matches, and ticket sales alone helped MLS Club earn over 250 million euros. For example, the 2-0 away victory over New York Red Bull in Miami on August 26th brought in 10 million euros for the home club, compared to only 800000 euros in normal times.

Business partners in the league are also rubbing their hands, such as broadcaster Apple. Before Messi arrived, the MLS package was priced at 14 euros per month and was purchased by approximately 1 million users. After Messi arrived, 300000 new fans registered to use Apple TV, and he added 110000 users on the day of his first game on July 21st.

As Messi’s personal sponsor, the Hard Rock chain of hotels and restaurants has also arrived in Miami, USA, and has launched a chicken sandwich named after a player, which is sold in 180 stores worldwide. According to a waiter at a restaurant in Miami, since its launch on July 12th, approximately 200 sandwiches have been sold per day, with a sales revenue of up to 260 million euros per sandwich. The Messi effect satisfies everyone in the United States.

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