Wanda: Icardi told me his idea when he was 18 and I already had a family

Wanda: Icardi told me his thoughts when he was 18 years old. I already had a family at that time. SportsTalk reported on December 18 that Icardi’s wife Wanda Nora was a guest on the Domenica In program. In addition to talking about her relationship with her husband, Relationships, she also touched on other topics. "Ika

SportsTalk December 18th News Icardi’s wife Wanda Nora was a guest on the Domenica In program. In addition to talking about her relationship with her husband, she also talked about other topics.

“Icardi has always been the best, as the years have gone by, but he has always been the best. He is better than me 7 years younger, he is an athlete, he has a perfect body, I am not a member of sports in my family. He looks at me with love? My mother said the same thing to me: ‘I have never seen a man Look at you like that, no one has ever looked at me like that.’ I don’t know how I started dancing, I was so excited to be with them. All the children returned to Istanbul, and Mauro looked after the children all by himself. Excellent. I never thought Dancing with the Stars would be so challenging, so hard. When you enter the competition, you want to perform well.”

“How did my story with Icardi come about? He was very young at that time, 17-18 years old, and he told me all his thoughts and desires, By then I had a family. Then we started dating, after I got divorced, and I went back to Argentina, and he gave me a ticket to Milan, and I couldn’t go because I had three kids. He understood that if If he wanted to have a story with me, he had to be serious. In fact, he told me later that he wanted to have a family with me. Ten years later, I can say that he already had incredible maturity at the age of seventeen or eighteen. “

“We got married after five months of dating because he said, ‘We already have three kids and we have to get married.’ Because To him, my 3 children are also his. In the beginning, I was very jealous, but 10 years later I will no longer be like this. On the contrary, I often take some sexy photos to share with him. He is even more jealous now, but He likes to make movies…”

Wanda also talked about her experience with the disease: “Since the samples taken need further analysis, Mauro immediately took me to the hospital. I didn’t stay longer, I turned on the TV, the TV was already saying that I had leukemia, and I hadn’t been told anything yet. I prefer to keep it secret first, before talking to my family about how to deal with it. They also suggested that I sue these newspapers and TV stations, but the pain has already occurred, and whether I sue or not will not change my life. ”

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