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Not easy丨Uruguayan Liverpool’s first league title in 108 years of team history

Not easy丨Liverpool F.C. (Montevideo), Uruguay won the first league title in the team’s 108-year history. Liverpool F.C. (Montevideo) won the Uruguayan Serie A championship in the 2023 season and won the first league title in the team’s history, breaking the Uruguayan nation and Pena Rolle in recent years

Montevideo Liverpool [Liverpool F.C. (Montevideo)] won the 2023 Uruguayan Serie A championship, winning the first league title in team history, breaking the Uruguayan nation and Pena Rohr has had a monopoly on the championship in recent years.

Montevideo Liverpool obviously dare not say that they are the Uruguayan football team in front of the city team Penarol and the Uruguayan nation. Although they are a traditional wealthy family in the world, they were founded in 1915 and also have a long history. The “Liverpool” in the team’s name originated from Liverpool, England. As a seaport city, Montevideo had very close trade relations with various ports in the United Kingdom. The club’s founders consulted a map of England and settled on the name “Liverpool”.

Uruguay’s senior international player Fucile came from the youth training of Liverpool in Montevideo. In addition, Zhejiang Greentown’s former player Pesolano played for Liverpool for a long time and served as the team’s coach after retiring.

Montevideo Liverpool’s home stadium has a capacity of only about 10,000 people and is relatively shabby. However, this does not affect the football-loving South Americans from sweating and passion in the stands.

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