L’Equipe: Enrique sent people to inspect Paris nightlife venues and monitor players’ social media to understand their off-field life

L'Equipe: Enrique sent people to inspect Paris nightlife venues to monitor players' social media to understand their off-field life. SportsTalk reported on December 18 that French media "L'Equipe" reporter José Barroso published an article talking about the management of Paris coach Enrique and asked Strict yet approachable

SportsTalk reported on December 18 that José Barroso, a reporter from French media “L’Equipe”, published an article talking about Paris coach Enrique’s management, which is strict and approachable at the same time.

One ​​of the first rules Enrique established after taking office as Paris coach is to require players to clock in every morning when they arrive at the training center. Even players who are not training and undergoing treatment must sign in. The Spanish coach advocates high standards and hopes that every player can fully devote himself to the game. For him, punctuality and training attitude are crucial. He is not opposed to occasional humor, but the premise is that he has a serious attitude.

While offsite,Enrique’s technical staff dispatched a support staff to patrol Paris’ nightlife venues as soon as they arrived. Also monitor players’ social networks and see where they are and where they are going. The club believes it is important to be aware of when and where players are away and to respond when needed, for example when a starting player likes to party.

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Enrique was once a player. He knows that there are times when everyone needs to decompress, but as long as the players perform well, The physical stats are good and he’ll tolerate those situations. But Enrique is a coach who is very strict with himself. Except for a few restaurants, he hardly goes out and is obsessed with work.

Enrique’s requirements for the team also involve physical aspects. He himself is a fitness enthusiast and often participates in cycling, triathlon, He enjoys running and other activities, and is also very passionate about nutrition. He will use a DEXA scanner to monitor employees’ physical data. The instrument can provide body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, etc.Density and other information. During preparations before this summer, Enrique explained to Verratti that he would not be allowed to play until the player returns to his ideal physical condition. Generally speaking, collecting sports data and information about players’ spare time life is just to ensure that players who are healthy and have not been out before the game can play.

Enrique likes to emphasize repeatedly that the club is above everything else, and no one can be above the club. This is what he, Nasser and Campos agree on basic principles. He also never attacks his players in front of the media, but defends them (Gonnaruma, Dembele, Mouani, etc.), but the comment about Mbappe was a surprise, in his opinion , this should be seen as a reflection of high standards. He often emphasized in private that the players were capable of doing better and that it was his job to get the team there.

When reporting within the team, Enrique never humiliates the players. When analyzing problems, he does not just criticize. He points out shortcomings and He also acknowledges the parts that are done well, an attitude that is appreciated by all involved. Enrique doesn’t like to beat around the bush, he will directly convey instructions to a certain player, and the communication is very smooth. When he wants to speak, he will raise his voice, but generally he will not get angry. He likes to take time to reflect and analyze before making an evaluation. , the information provided after the break is often more practical.

Surprisingly, within the club, Enrique is described as a man with a friendly personality and his office is It is open to all employees, where he will be willing to joke without making people feel that he is disturbed, has a close relationship with the players, is very approachable in training, will put his arm around the shoulders of the players, laugh and sometimes participate in them. He is straightforward when talking to players, but it is different when talking to Mbappe. He is very approachable to substitute players and young people, unlike Pochettino and Galthie, who are not close to young players. Enrique will study tactics with the players, and the players appreciate this attitude.

On the sports level, Enrique has a clear and detailed plan, such as the 433 formation and ball control.It’s not a particularly ideal situation yet, but he’s been persevering, has a clear idea of ​​what he wants to achieve, and is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve it, and some internally feel it’s reassuring to have that foundation. Enrique has very high requirements for training and games, and likes accurate comprehensive video analysis. He believes that the quality of this kind of review is the highest. He advocates competition in all positions and is worried that players will be content with the status quo and lose a little bit. Being lax and not announcing the starting lineup until very close to the game.

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