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Manchester United: Liverpool fans should be very angry when they leave the stadium, Manchester United’s performance is shocking

Manchester Evening: Liverpool fans should have been very angry when they left the field. Manchester United's performance was shocking. SportsTalk, December 18, "Manchester Evening News" wrote an article about the match between Manchester United and Liverpool. If you can't win the game, the alternative is not to lose it. Manchester United were playing against Liverpool

SportsTalk December 18th “Manchester Evening News” wrote an article about the match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

If you can’t win the game, the alternative is not to lose the game, and Manchester United really did that against Liverpool. at this point. Liverpool defeated Manchester United 7-0 earlier this year. Before the game between Manchester United and Liverpool, people were more discussing how many goals Liverpool would win than whether they could win this game. Win the game.

Manchester United have been hit hard by a number of defeats this season, particularly against Newcastle United and Bournemouth in recent weeks. Si’s defeat. In addition, people have criticized their attitude in these games, but Manchester United’s performance against Liverpool has been able to vindicate their name. This Manchester United is still the Manchester United that can compete with the best teams at important moments. In this game at Anfield, they found a way to turn the situation around.

Under ten Hag’s leadership, Manchester United made the mistake of making things too complicated. Learn to run. The game against Liverpool is a good example, this game can lay a good foundation for future games. Manchester United relied on luck many times in the backcourt to save the day, but in attack they contributed several outstanding moments. However, there is one problem that you cannot ignore, and that is the inexperience of Manchester United’s forward players, which was once again highlighted in this game. Liverpool is in an advantageous position in this game, so it is not surprising that Manchester United chose a defensive and counterattack style to fight against it. No matter how bad Manchester United played in this game, they finally took a point from Anfield. In addition, if you analyze this game carefully, Manchester United also has no shortage of opportunities to score.

Onana’s way of delaying the game when handling goal kicks and the clash between Anthony and Tsimikas angered Liverpool fans. In addition, this matchSeitenhag chose Varane and Evans to partner the central defenders, his ninth different pairing of central defenders this season. The combination of these two appeared to be very organized defensively. They used a variety of different techniques to disrupt Liverpool’s offense and disrupt their offensive rhythm. Manchester United also broke through Liverpool’s defense in this game, but their handling in front of the goal seemed a bit uncool, which also cost them the opportunity to make Liverpool pay the price.

If this had been in another game on another day, one of these chances might have been converted into a goal. Manchester United might have won the game. Of course, Liverpool are qualified to say the same thing. Manchester United’s performance in this game was unforgettable and a draw would have been a fair result for both sides. Liverpool did dominate this game, but they were ultimately unable to break through Manchester United‘s goal.

Liverpool fans should be angry when they leave Anfield, and it’s all thanks to Manchester United, who performed really well Shocking.

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